Successor products in this segment are PLA.NET for property / casualty insurance and RisKey.

SERA is a tried and tested planning tool based on German and Austrian accounting standards.

Scope of Service of RisCo2
  • Implementation of integrated profit and loss as well as balance sheet projections
  • Itemization of all property / casualty insurance lines (gross, retro, net)
  • Assessment of the development of unit quantity, contribution development, and tariff changes as well as the planning of selling costs and administration costs
  • Comprehensive forecast of claims settlement and fiscal year loss
  • Exact depiction of all reinsurance contract data and simulation of reinsurance programs and conditions to achieve reinsurance optimization
  • Complete and transparent overview of future corporate developments
  • Liquidity planning and cash flow analyses
  • Detailed calculation and presentation of the equalization reserve development
  • Performance of stress tests in compliance with solvency requirements
  • Plausibility of the database by means of iterative smoothing (standard process)
  • Data provision for quantitative impact studies (QIS) in connection with Solvency II
  • Established user group containing users from Germany and Austria

The functions are further developed technically and professionally in close dialogue with the users. Our annual workshops have contributed to these developments significantly. SERA has been placed at the technological level of PLA.NET.