RisKey is used to analyze individual loss information. By bundling the information and using suitable statistical methods, it quickly leads the user to informative results and graphical representations. A data export possibility supports the automated transfer to successor programs from ROKOCO or third-party vendors.

The following aspects form the focus of the analysis:
  • Flexible damage analysis
  • Data cleansing
  • Segmentation of risk classes
  • Analysis of the loss reserves
  • Analysis of loss distributions (amount of damage and number of claims)
  • Analysis of potential long-term loss (IBNR / IBNER)
  • Cat view

Within the damage analysis tool RisKey, data can be segmented on any level and saved. For each of these segments, distribution functions can be defined using the associated parameters that describe the damage situation. The results obtained from the analysis allow all questions arising in the pre-analysis and processing of damages in the context of ALM projects to be answered.

In the field of processing analysis, the software supports a wide range of classical and modern procedures as well as a number of features, including error estimation. It is thus possible for the user to generate a customized and very differentiated processing view of his portfolio in order to forecast future cash flows.

Best estimates, tail analyses and bootstrapping methods are amongst other features available for analyses by the actuarial funktion.