RisCo2 is standard software for quantitative and qualitative risk management of individual companies and groups, created in a modern and future-proof architecture. It fulfills all requirements in regard to data back-up, user-logging and audit safety (including the possibility to manage the complete history). The system can be operated in a TCP / IP-based network with centralized data management. As this is a multi-user application, group-wide access is easily possible.

Scope of Service of RisCo2
  • Supports the complete cycle of risk management and therefore the optimization of the risk management process.
  • Serves as the link between qualitative risk analysis, quantitative risk assessment and risk management
  • Risk inventory is according to KonTraG (Germany) or § 17b VAG (Austria)
  • Provides flexible support in setting up individual limit systems
  • Serves as a platform for flexible development and implementation of RBC models
  • Utilizes risk capital calculations in line with Solvency II
  • Ability to make distributional assumptions regarding individual risks
  • Ability to set a differentiated authorization system with structural organization and workflow organization standards
  • Possibility of data import from other systems
  • Availibility of detailed reporting that is independently expandable